Horoscope 2008

Some old illustrations for the classics of zodiac-signs with a forecast for each character what will happen in the future, what was 2008, so do you remember and find yourself predicted now that we live in the future? 

does it go with right things zu?

aquarius, party as usual
fish, easy to get in 2008
aries, will stoss up sich the hörner with lot of romantic interactions this year
bulle, if you know what i am are talking about here
twin, should take the fate in own hands
cancer, it´s gonna be a tough year, better prepare
lion, should take it easy 2008
virgo, eating butterflys with open panties, good year
libra, should listen to the voice of her innereien
scorpion, 2008 the hippie-year
sagittarious, tends to be suicidal, did you survive 2008
stonebock, should work a bit harder