Meine Meinung

each month I do a little onepage illustration for column "meine meinung" in the neon-issues, where a writer writes down his opinion about contemporary political happenings.

#sorrynotsorry is quite a stupid phrase i think. using a sorry in the beginning of a conversation as an airbag for your opinion.
there are two characters, the early bird and the night-guy. night guy is a lot cooler, but has to be on time to keep up with early bird in everyday life.
little lies, big lies, back up lie etc.
it´s easy to bullshit the pegida from the distance, but not that effective
doint couple things alone isn´t that easy, because you feel judged and observed by everyone/thing
learn the power of boredom, one way there is thumby turn
why has internet-friendship such a bad reputation? digital sandbox-friends...
europe rodeo. it is happening
summer means bbq and even the toughest organic lifestyle guy can´t fight the allure of a cheap rundgrill-hooker with 99ct-meat getting done
the ttip-debate. reference to the cd friedrich´s "wanderer im nebelmeer", which is described as showing the german patriot. he is afraid of burgerplaces, the s-man and shopping malls destroying his beautifull view
the left block taking a nice polo-tournament at the schloss elmau instead of distrubing the G7-gala
you can´t get the bad things on earth off your face, just by looking away. it´s happening even if you don´t like bad news.
getting kids is a tough decision, even those who don´t want a baby, make "honest" mistakes by getting them anyway
youth nowadays is pretty boring, no revolution just plain prudes trying to make it right this life. horror for the hippiegeneration-parents trying to exorsize that uptight behavior.
smoking weed a little more than the average alien makes you happily stranded like a whale in your little studi-stübchen/beach party. ahh memories of tekken and redemption songs...
it is all about selfoptimizing to be better, to get the things done.
modern communication is more talking thumbs than lip-actions, what leads to kinda misunderstandings...
people tend to feel some root-patriotism and are very proud of being a düsseldorfer where a schrippe is a brötchen, not a wecken or a semmel or or . for example. Like regional-sozialismus.
wanna date someone? you need to have a mobile device. load tinder or ?, it´s tough to meet someone old fashioned in a bar to fall in love with like that nokia 3310 in the back.
It´s your own fault. Seemingly even your own birth is your fault.
anosaurus rex, why is everybody bashing the thin people now.
all that viral stuff on the web is so lame. better put on some masks to not catch a cold.
myammimanmar apple tee. sooo good. not. gastro-trends that doesn´t make sense but everybody hopps on, THIS DOESN´t TASTE GOOD but it has some nice esorganic side... or so.
prominent people can´t really fight verbally anymore.
germany is just beautiful
it is very easy to criticise capitalism, but real solutions do not come up when young schneople try to be smart in a bar
tofu and soy, get veggie, but my shoe should be a goat head. it is this double moral everywhere. fake fur ok, but a curry in the mouth, it is all not half not ganzes. think.
mmmmh. heaven, just heaven your borschtsch. havin a proper dinner with friends ain´t easy anymore since eating has this sakrale messefeeling instead of beisammensein und lustig sein.
smartphones are on. all the time, everywhere. instead of complaining how it ruins real life we should learn to use it right. maybe not in bed.
emancipation has no real power these days. they need to find new rolemodels like they had with miss schwarzer. nice how she is riding the devoten horsemann
election days are up and it seems like nobody knows what party to vote for, they all seem to be kinda the same. you want to vote, but there is nothing to vote that you actually would give your vote for, just like gagging for a drink in a desert, finding a
air bnb was on a good way, but turned into moneymaking, as usual. it is rare to find a private home of real people, it is just about making money. they rent out anything now.
legalizing drugs is a long time discussion. imagine what the conservative bavarian "beergardens" would turn into...
the EU wants to privatise the water. the water should belong to us, the citizens. let's build fences and defend our property by all means. grab your hairdryer and bow.
tired of shitstorms. anything turns out to be a shitstorm these days. even a little criticising is a shitstorm. shitstorm. even if it is sunny and you are well protected in your friesennerz, the tiny shitstormcloud shits a tiny shit onto your forehead.
Being german is tough these days. actually it never was easy making friends in foreign countries if you are german. since the europeann union is going down, germans are the shit. like if we were the masters slaving the rest-european people. word!
bicycling ain't easy. that's why the cyclists are so aggressive. they are sort of the weakest traffic-participants but the loudest complainers if someone occupies their track or refuses the rules. this guy is prepared for being safe out on the streets.
being a woman, i do not know exactly how that feels, but i noticed they get babies. maybe that is why they are still not appreciated for being a boss in an office. how can they handly raising a child and keeping the company organized. anyway...
GEMA. it's more or less an ancient system and everybody complains about it. mostly the clubscene. they have to pay ridicolously much money to play music and even a club like berghain, which is always packed fears bankruptcy if they have to pay the GEMA.
free pussy riot. the whole occupy thing wasn't that sexy like the russian hype. it is very decorative protest. it is cool. free pussy riot. whatever that means, but nice trendy merch.
millions of people are unemployed in greece. how can we help them? micro-credits for greek ideas, to help rebuilt the greek market by themselves. and finally they dance their sirtaki again happily all after.
women aren't soft in germany. we have quite some strict hardlining power females in this country.
i only remember that i wanted to draw hasi some day for neon. but i do not remember what the topic was on that meinung. maybe it was that being unemployed now and then isn't that much of a bummer. it is quite good to hang out for a while to get focussed a
girls earn less then the boys. neverending story. but you should just check how much a sozipaedagogy will earn after universaty before you sign in for that path in your career. point is, girls should focus on the high paid jobs, just like the big bois do.
why is it that much of a shame to be single? if you take good old lodi for example, he sack-huepfts himself through the spielerfrau-scene, just to have fun and jumps right into a from the society opened hole again
we need more meister that are ok with the azubis that sich bewerben bei them. azubis are no sexdolls that you can blow up for your desire. they are individuals and they are good. take them in.
a new society. instead of gaining property we decie to share everything. that is nice. there are no such things like status symbols anymore but buttfuck, my porsche is melting...
taking the judging thumb to the court
they are too loud, too smoky, too alive. i am putting so much effort in living a commendable life by buying organic food from bio de janeiro but those freaky tourists with their bumping trolley-wheels or the punks grilling a sheep, singing songs...
some professor checked on the complains of students that they are stressed out of working too much for school. the result was, that they have plenty of free-time and just are cowards. universaty is like a theme-park, like the disneyland years in your life
the corporate body. you working for your company but the shifts isn't enough, you have to be part of the family. private life and work is not seperated anymore. your company forces you to work/live like if it is sort of a religion or applied lifestyle.
europe's youth is freaking out. problems all over the union. the politicians act like a karnevals-verein, dressed as zeus-stier getting ass-kicked and a riding europa on top gets a farbbeutel ab from some greek activist. talkin' bout a reehevolution...
whats on tv? another ridicolous talkshow. oh, helmut schmidt, the only person who is allowed to smoke on tv lightens a cigerette next to some preggy little person, special guest big bird freaks out and our lovely host guenther jauch feels home. GEZ.
wellness is banana. everybody tries to make himself feel better, instead of havin a good time by getting wasted with friends and trying to score wild in clubs, people prefer relaxing and taking it very easy in some stupid spa.
story goes about immigrants in germany being the new role-models. usually they were famous for cheap rap or sports, but ranga yogeshwar for example is a hero in physiks for kids. cool.
politicians, that pretent anything to the voters, even if it isn't their usual party-way, so they are just like chameleons, changing their colours to the other partys colour now and then to catch the voters, ya kna waddam talkin boud?
"tomatensaft? Nein Danke"-says it all. the youth is lazy with political stellungnahme.
female leaders. an arranged a set inspired by delacroix's "La Liberte guidant le peuple". isn't it funny how the buisiness-men hang out there checking youporn on there ipads?
politicians work hard on their image in front of the media.the oscar goes to our sweet ursula von der leyen, responsible for employment and social policy. and isn't she just adorable feeding the poor hungry adult out of the cue of people in need.