macht ja au mist.

this was the first illustration i made for neon in 2009.
what if everybody thinks he is a writer, like a policeman missing the crime while writing a poem
it´s about how the chef makes you decide what to eat in his restaurant, although you think you have a choice
jj abrams is recycling startrek into his "own" movie to make money with that idea. so i put trekki-symbols into a meat chopper what is his head resulting into cash coming out his mouth
this illustration is about the lack of good soccer-movies. americanos aren´t interested in soccer, that´s why hollywood doesn´t support it.
das schweigen der laemmer. mit jodie toaster und anthony hopfen.
clooneys movie staring at goats(?) whatever. his fanbase of goarls is staring at him. two different worlds. blue georg, purple goarls. goarls freak out, when georg lifts his small little sophisticated finger to sink it in the purple goarls world